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slidingpaper Clean Room type

Amazing paper that slides heavy machinery up to 9 metric tons!

Clean Room type

            /   Ease to Slide 

    dust-free paper​made in Japan

  • thickness 0.09mm

  • Color     white

  • Size     A4x16sheets

  • Lot               1

Clean Room type:

A4 sized sheets using dust-free paper.  Ready-to-use and no cutting necessary.

slidingpaper Clean Room type

With Sliding Paper™ placed underneath, a heavy object like large machinery and equipment can glide all directions and makes repositioning work efficient for installation.

SR-E1 or Clean room type* is recommended for starters of Sliding Paper.

  *No cutting necessary for clean room type. 

【Cautions: 】

Never use Sliding Paper™ on the inclined surface.

Never use Sliding Paper™ other than for its intended use.

Use on a secure flat and even installation surface.

Do not stay in the areas where an object may slide toward.

Sliding Paper™ is designed for one-time use.

Sliding Paper™ is designed to reposition an object with a weight of 1-9 metric tons and an adjustment range of 10-50mm.​




TEL: 086-684-0375

FAX: 086-899-8674

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