​Asumaru Honpo Co.,Ltd

​1908-2 Obayashi,Yakage-chou,

Oda-gun,Okayama​ 714-1202,Japan

​​e-mail  info@asu-maru.com

Tel No. +81-86-684-0375

Fax No. +81-86-899-8674

Company Profile

Message from the President

Asumaru Hompo
Our name,  Asumaru Honpo, “a prosperous future central” reflects our company philosophy.
“Asumaru” is a Japanese word, “asu” meaning “tomorrow” and “maru” means “a circle” that symbolizes wholeness and happiness.  “Honpo” means a seller of specialty goods.  We wish all parties, including businesses and individuals, associated with Asumaru Honpo will have a  well-deserved prosperous future.

We value prospective customers as much as existing customers. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Yosuke Miyake

Company name: Asumaru Honpo Co., Ltd.

Business: Wholesale 

Capital: 3,000,000 yen
Established: July 2018
CEO: Yosuke Miyake
Address:  1908-2, Kobayashi, Yakage-cho, Oda-gun, Okayama Prefecture    
                714-1202, Japan
Fax: + 81-86-899-8674
E-mail:  miyake@asu-maru.com  
Hours: 8:30-18: 00

TEL: 086-684-0375

FAX: 086-899-8674




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