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How to use Sliding Paper™

With Sliding Paper™ placed underneath, a heavy object like

large machinery and equipment can glide all directions and

makes repositioning work efficient for installation.

SR-E1 or Clean room type* is recommended for starters of Sliding Paper.  *No cutting necessary for clean room type. 

This video shows the adjustment of medical equipment* with the sliding paper by one person. 

*Weight of the equipment: about 1.5 metric tons.

The sliding papers were inserted on the two sides. 

1. Move a heavy machinery to the installation position.Make sure it is parallel floor.

2. Jack up the heavy machinery and put sliding paper,cut in appropriate size,beneath the machinery.
(Sliding side:not printed "スライディングペーパー")

3. Jack down the machinery on top of the sliding paper and adjust the location of the machinery by using lever.
(This paper can adjust weight of machinery 1t~9t.The adjustment width must be 10mm~50mm.)

4. After the adjustment,jack up the machinery in 1mm and pull out the paper.

TEL: 086-684-0375

FAX: 086-899-8674




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