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​Asumaru Honpo Co.,Ltd

Tel  No. +81-866-84-0375

Fax No. +81-50-3134-8703

​1908-2 Obayashi,Yakage-chou,

Oda-gun,Okayama​ 714-1202,Japan



​Suberun Paper 

For safe and easy repositioning work

SuberunPaper Are Designed to Reposition Heavy Machinery at Ease.  Using two SuberunPaper sheets, large and heavy machinery can be easily repositioned to an optimal installation position.  Sliding an object could be easy and safe instead of painstaking and dangerous.


We are excited to announce that we are establishing our own brand name, SuberunPaper™.  The word, "suberu" means "being slick" in Japanese.  We believe the new brand name better represents slip sheets that work like banana peels.   

•SuberunPaper is designed to reposition an object with a weight under 10 metric tons within a 100mm adjustment range.

​The 600kg object using SuberunPaper moved so easily!

​Product Line


SuberunPaper Rolls

Product code: SB-A50R

Size: 500㎜x30m

Weight/ about 1.7kg

Color/ Pale blue
Coefficient of friction*:


Price: 46,000yen


SuberunPaper Rolls


Product code: SB-A30R

Size: 300㎜x30m

Weight/ about 1kg

Color/ Pale blue
Coefficient of friction*:


Price: 27,600yen


Pre-cut Sheets


Product code: SB-A20

Size: A4x20sheets

Weight/about 120g

Color/ Pale blue

Coefficient of friction*:


Price: 11,000yen


Dust-free Paper Sheets

Made for clean room


Product code: SB-CR16

Size: A4x16sheets

Weight/about 85g

Color/ Pale blue

Coefficient of friction*:


Price: 27,500yen


SuberunPaper: leaflet        Click to print. ➩

* There is also a back side (2nd page)

Please contact us if you have any questions.

How to use

With Suberunpaper placed underneath, heavy object like largemachinery and equipment can glide all directions and makes repositioning work efficient for installation.

Step 1

作業図1 E.jpg

Cut SuberunPaper

into an appropriate size.

作業図2 E.jpg

Step 2

Pair two sheets with the slippery sides (without printed letters) facing one another. Prepare as many pairs as necessary for repositioning work.

※Sides without printed letters are sliding surfaces.

Step 3

作業図3 E.jpg

Make sure the installation surface is flat and even. Transfer a heavy object to the area to complete the installation. Jack up to lift the object and place the paired SuberunPaper sheets under the foundation of the object and place the object back on the floor.

Step 4

作業図4 E.jpg

Adjust the installation position by moving the object on the SuberunPaper manually or using a tool. Finalize the installation position and then jack up the object again to just enough to be able to pull out the SuberunPaper.

​Electric Kiln



​The 600kg object using SuberunPaper moved so easily!

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Company Profile

Message from the President

Asumaru Hompo
Our name,  Asumaru Honpo, “a prosperous future central” reflects our company philosophy.
“Asumaru” is a Japanese word, “asu” meaning “tomorrow” and “maru” means “a circle” that symbolizes wholeness and happiness.  “Honpo” means a seller of specialty goods.  We wish all parties, including businesses and individuals, associated with Asumaru Honpo will have a  well-deserved prosperous future.

We value prospective customers as much as existing customers. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Yosuke Miyake

Company name: Asumaru Honpo Co., Ltd.

Business: Wholesale 

Capital: 3,000,000 yen
Established: July 2018
CEO: Yosuke Miyake
Address:  1908-2, Kobayashi, Yakage-cho, Oda-gun, Okayama Prefecture    
                714-1202, Japan
Fax: + 81-50-3134-8703
Hours: 8:30-18: 00

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Giving solid form to excitement.

As people go about their work and lives, the seeds of ideas and new products can pop out of nowhere. Most of these, however, disappear for reasons such as cost-effectiveness, lack of marketing, or lack of precedents. Our management philosophy stems from our wish to give form (products and systems) to the seeds of excitement out in the world.

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